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International Advocacy Departement

International Advocacy Departement

The discourse about the ongoing violence in Israel/Palestine is dominated by the hostilities resulting from Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The Arab citizens of Israel are often bypassed in both the peace process and matters of internal governance. Nevertheless, the Arab Palestinian minority has to play a crucial role in the search for a sustainable solution for the region. And this is only possible when its rights as a national (Palestinian), ethnic (Arab), religious (Muslim, Christian, Druze) and linguistic (Arabic) minority in Israel are guaranteed. The International Advocacy Programme (IA) serves different purposes: it both informs the international community and protects the local Arab community. Moreover, over the years the HRA has become a reliable resource for diplomats to assess the situation inside Israel regarding the Arab minority. It is our conviction that joint efforts are most effective, and therefore we are glad to be partners in both local and international networks and to cooperate with our colleagues from other civil-society groups on specific issues.

Our main goal is to put the human-rights issues related to the Arab minority inside Israel on the international agenda and to impact the international discourse towards a more rights-based approach concerning Israel.

In order to reach as broad an audience as possible through pointed actions, the HRA is in contact or tries to establish correspondence with:

The United Nations 
Treaty-based committees (CESCR, CCPR, CERD, CEDAW, CRC, CAT)
Charter-based bodies (ECOSOC) 
Relevant working groups 
Relevant Special Rapporteurs

The European Union

European Commission

Council and Presidency


EU-Israel Association Council

Specialised committees, such as the Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Israel, the Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the Parliament's Subcommittee on Human Rights

The diplomatic community in Israel

Local and international NGOs

The international press

Groups of international visitors in Israel

Depending on the addressee, the HRA's international advocacy programme – often in coordination with our Research and Reporting Programme (R+R) – pursues the following specific objectives:

Raise international awareness about human-rights violations against the Palestinian Arab minority inside Israel.

Create a sense of ownership of human rights among the Palestinian Arab minority inside Israel by connecting hands-on fieldwork to ‘abstract' advocacy.

Promote the values of the Barcelona Process and ensure Israel's compliance with the standards set by the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

Campaign for Israel's adherence to international human-rights instruments in the relevant United Nations bodies.

Establish a constant and reliable monitor of human-rights violations against Arab citizens of Israel and to make this information available to the international community.

Build local capacities for international advocacy work.

Network with members of minority groups and/or indigenous peoples all over the world.

Encourage international fact-finding missions to Israel – if possible as a joint venture.