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Human and Civil Rights Education Departement

Human and Civil Rights Education Departement

The HRA has two community outreach and human rights awareness-raising projects. The Human Rights and Civic Education Project (HRCE) targets Palestinian Arab school children in Israel . Palestinian pupils are educated in a school system wholly separate from the Jewish majority. Due to biased budget allocations and curricula, the Arab education sector offers fewer facilities and educational opportunities than its Jewish counterpart, which lead to a general education deficit among the Palestinian minority citizens. Therefore, awareness-raising among the students needs to go beyond the information passed on by the general civics curriculum, which is designed for both the Jewish and the Arab pupils. Young Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel need to know about international standards of human rights in order to evaluate their position as minority citizens and establish a civil society that deals with their situation within the framework of internationally acknowledged means.

The Working Group on Women's Rights discusses women's rights as an integral part of human rights. In the Arab community in Israel , women face violations to their rights on multiple levels: Their rights are violated in Israel as members of a minority in a Jewish state; their rights are violated as Arab women in a patriarchal society based on traditional authority; and they share the violations practiced against all women – Jewish and Arab – within the state. These sources of marginalisation all have severe consequences on the political participation of Arab women in Israel who comprise approximately 10% of the country's citizenry, and they combine to make Arab women in Israel the lowest paid, least educated, and least represented portion of Israeli society. WHRP is not restricted to targeting girls and women only. Our awareness-raising and education efforts are directed towards both male and female members of the Arab minority inside Israel .

The specific activities of the two projects are the following:

Facilitator Training;

Semester-long Courses in High Schools;

Teacher Training;

Human/Women's Rights Days in Schools and Unrecognised Villages;

Student Forum Haifa;

High-School Student Forum;

One-time Lectures, Lecture Series, and Workshops;

Summer Camps for Children;

Educational Tours to Unrecognised or Destroyed Villages;

Expanding the Human-Rights Library;

Establishing the Rights Theatre;

Publishing Dalil , the Human-Rights Syllabus;

Women's Rights Summer Sessions;

Publications, Films, Theatre;

Target Groups:

The community programmes address a wide variety of target groups within the Arab community inside Israel, most importantly: Arab high-school students aged 13-18, university students (through the student forum and the facilitator training programme), high-school teachers working in the Arab education sector, inhabitants – particularly children – of the unrecognised villages (through special events such as Human-Rights Days), Arabic-speaking children aged 5-12 (through human-rights theatre)., interested members of our community and beyond (through lectures, workshops, educational tours), and existing women's groups.