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The decision of the European Union confirms the illegitimacy of the settlements and their violation of international law

The decision of the European Union confirms the illegitimacy of the settlem...

The Arab Association for Human Rights welcomes the EU decision that asserts that all agreements signed between the EU and Israel do not apply to entities built on, or work in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967.  Thus, it confirms the illegality of Israeli settlement in the occupied territories in addition to being a positive step in linking the economic policies and external relations of the European Union with human rights and international law.



Muhammad Zeidan stated; “The EU decision is an important political decision from one of the leading and largest partners of Israel in economic and commercial agreements, and links these agreements to the principles of international law and human rights.  We expect additional steps and are waiting for the practical applications of this declaration.  As a human rights organization, we call for the  expansion of this approach and placing human rights standards and international law as a top priority criteria for determining the EU’s relations with Israel; not only in the Occupied Palestinian territories and the settlements, but also inside Israel, particularly when dealing with the status and rights of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel, because human rights and democracy are interlinked principles that should not be dealt with using double standards.”


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