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‘Haq’ Youth Movement Organizes ‘Day of Volunteer Work’

‘Haq’ Youth Movement Organizes ‘Day of Volunteer Work’

On 27 April 2012, ‘Haq’ Youth Movement – Nahf Division organized ‘Day of Volunteer Work’ in Haqal Al ‘Amud neighbourhood, Nahf. Haq members and local youths painted walls in the neighbourhood, decorating them with colourful drawings. This event encouraged the youth to occupy leading roles within the Palestinian Arab community and take initiatives to build a brighter future based on respect for others and universal human rights.


Upon completion of their joint task with ‘Haq’ Youth Movement, a number of local residents praised this initiative and hoped that more young men and women in the village would join this kind of volunteer work, of which the community is in need. Local participants’ positive reaction echoed the high morale of the youth, which prevailed throughout the programme.


Kurwan Sarhan, one of the participants, said: “We, ‘Haq’ Youth Movement, want to show a model that we are able to make a difference in our society. We will continue our efforts so that more and more young people will join our group.


Safa’ Masri: “We learned in ‘Haq’ Youth Movement that initiatives and volunteer work in our community as well as other public actions we undertake in the village are one of the most important values that reflect human rights principles. We are happy with what we do and the reaction of the people who flooded us with their generosity and hospitality during our work, not to mention their enthusiasm and assistance for our activities’ success. This is evidence that what we do is important.”


It is worth mentioning that ‘Haq’ Youth Movement of the Arab Association for Human Rights manages a number of local divisions in Arab villages and urban neighbourhoods and organizes various human rights education projects, public actions and volunteer work.