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Recent Human Rights Programmes February-March 2012

Recent Human Rights Programmes February-March 2012

“Day of Tolerance”, 15 March

‘Haq’ Youth Movement held an event entitled Day of Tolerance at Arab Orthodox College-Haifa. Along with the College’s students, ‘Haq’ Movement considered the issue of stereotypes and intolerance in our society, emphasizing the need to respect the rights of the others regardless of their religion, origin or ethnicity. HRA facilitators showed a film Faatina, and hosted a discussion on the prejudice portrayed in the movie.


“No to Racism”, 14 March

Forum No to Racism was held at Bishop School to promote ‘Haq’ Youth Movement’s campaign against racism. The members of the Movement not only discussed racism but also produced a short film that demonstrates people’s opinions on the issue of discrimination. Furthermore, students enjoyed a drawing activity in which they painted freely on the subject of racism and human rights, using their unlimited imagination.


Evening on Civil Service, 1 March

‘Haq’ Youth Movement held a symposium on the issue of civil service in Israel. Mohammad Zeidan, the general director of the Arab Association of Human Rights, inaugurated the event with a keynote address. “The civil service is one of the risks that threaten the national identity of the Palestinian minority in Israel, because this project was proposed by the Ministry of Defence to pave the way for the introduction of military service to the Palestinian youth.” Mohammad Zeidan’s keynote speech was followed by a screening of the documentary filmReturn to Self which portrays the personal story of Yamen Zeidan, an activist against the compulsory military service imposed on Druse children. Finally, Yamen Zeidan held an open dialogue session in which he emphasized, after all, the Druses are also Palestinians who were forced to serve in the military in order to divide the Palestinian community. During the dialogue, he also warned the audience of the civil service’s negative impact, contrary to the benefits advertised by the Israeli authorities.  


Evening Against Violence “Be Patient”, 28 February

‘Haq’ Youth Movement-Qalansawa Chapter organized an event against violenceBe Patient. Dozens of youth attended this activity where they expressed their discontent with the current spread of violence and their support for actions towards the elimination of all forms of violence in their society. This programme featured a screening of a short film produced by the Arab Association for Human Rights, which shed light on the phenomenon of violence and their negative impact on our society. Finally, Ahmed Khalifa gave a lecture in which he explained the causes of this phenomenon in the context of ethnic minority status and suggested the possibilities of reducing violence by offering alternative routes to the youth, such as volunteer work and activities for societal change.


Tour in Jaffa and Destroyed Villages “Know Your Homeland”, 21 February

Together with the Arab Association for Human Rights and Kayan, the Women’s Group coordinated a joint tour to the city of Jaffa and surrounding destroyed villages. The current campaign of house demolitions not only threatens the Palestinian people’s fundamental rights to housing but also destroy their identity and history. This event falls within the larger programme of the Women’s Group for the empowerment of Palestinian women, which encourage women to take important roles in their communities.


Campaign Against Traffic Accidents at Iksal “Drive Only With Your License”, 21 February

‘Haq’ Youth Movement – Iksal Chapter organized a campaign against traffic accidents in the village Drive Only With Your License. The problem of traffic accidents increasingly deteriorates and worries parents of the Arab sector at large, prompting the ‘Haq’ Youth Movement to take a new initiative to raise awareness of—and combat—this phenomenon. Amane Darawish, one of HRA facilitators, stressed: “This campaign against traffic accidents is the first step of our project to change the whole community. And we will continue with this fight through several public events and distribution of posters.” A large number of the local population attended this meeting welcomed the ‘Haq’ Movement’s initiative.


Lecture on Breast Cancer at Deir Hanna, 15 February

Women’s Group organized a joint event with the HRA and Kayan, which featured an educational lecture on breast cancer as its importance increases within women’s circles. Lecture given by Hanna Hallaj, a nurse and a member of the association One Out of Nine, focused on the risk of breast cancer. She also emphasized that early detection can prevent up to ninety per cent of breast cancer cases from reaching the terminal stage, presenting the audience various detection methods that can be practiced at home. Suhair Al Hussein, the director of the organization Haqaweeya, stated, “Working directly with people is the best way to deliver the concept of human rights from theory to reality. We will continue to hold various events that fit the needs and rights of women in general.”