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Jewish Extremists Burn Mosque in Tuba-Zangariyye (Galilee)

Jewish Extremists Burn Mosque in Tuba-Zangariyye (Galilee)

This morning, the residents of Tuba-Zangariyye woke up to find that their village mosque had been set on fire.  From the slogans written on the mosque’s walls, this attack comes as part of the ‘price tag’ terror campaign carried out by settlers in recent years against the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.  TheArab Association for Human Rights (HRA) views the transfer of this type ofattacks to inside the Green Line as an escalation that has serious implicationsand risks!!


The Arab Association for Human Rights, while condemning the burning of the mosque, believes that this step is a continuation of the official policies sown bythe Israeli government, particularly since the current government is led byparties that incite against the Arab citizens and their fundamental rights, andlinks their future with the results of the "peace process" through slogans of transfer and exchange of population and land!!


Furthermore, the legislation of racism in the official political discourse and the ratification of laws that affect the rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel andtheir identity, provides for fertile ground in which Jewish extremist terrorist groups are nurtured.


The Israeli government also bears primary responsibility for this aggressionbecause of its failure to arrest the perpetrators of previous attacks, in contrast toall the cases in which the assault is on an official or religious Jewish institution; all possible resources are made available in order to quickly apprehend theperpetrators and punish them.


The Arab Association for Human Rights views this attack as a serious and intentional crime and an act of terrorism.  Therefore, the State and its institutionsare incumbent to move quickly to arrest the perpetrators of this assault, as well as to take action against racist institutions that operate openly in the settlementsand inside Israel through the "religious schools" and other institutions that provide racist advisories and education that cultivate these terrorist groups. Consequently, dealing with these crimes must be made through addressing and eradicating their roots and foundations, and not just issuing official statements of condemnation and denunciation!!


Today, the Arab Association for Human Rights has called on all public and private international institutions to take a clear position condemning this attackon the mosque as a terrorist act aimed at altering the essence and character of the conflict and portraying it as a religious conflict.


The Arab Association for Human Rights Director, Mr. Mohammad Zeidan, has sent a message to all the delegates of foreign governments and embassies in the country to take a clear stance against this crime, and send its delegates to the village and visit the burned mosque.

The Arab Association for Human Rights has also undertaken the submission of a formal complaint to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, in this regard.



3 October 2011

Arab Association for Human Rights