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Within a joint project for four Organizations “Jadal Shababe” : Debate Trainings for Youth and Students

Within a joint project for four Organizations “Jadal Shababe” : Debate Trai...

Second intensive 2-day debate training was held on the 9th-10th of April within the second year of “Jadal shababe” project. Twenty-eight Arab university students from different geographical areas participated in the debate training within “Jadal Shababe” project, which is a joint project of four NGOs, the Arab Association for Human Rights, the Follow Up Committee on Arab Education, the Arab Cultural Association and the Association for Arab Youth-Baladna.


The training included workshops for (1) debate skills development (2) the use of debate methods and techniques (3) reality analysis through critical and in-depth perspective and (4) speech skills development and public speaking.


The project aims to form a tool for Arab Youth to develop their selves and their personality in addition to glazing the art of interlocution and compellation, which the official education curriculum does not grant. The participation in “Jadal Shababe” project provides young people the opportunity to enlarge their mentality and speaking capacities, thus, to run a discussion or a debate logically. Furthermore, it offers youth the chance to train on organizing their ideas and arguments rationally and persuasively.    


Najwan Berekdar, the project administrative Coordinator, considers this training to be successful and fruitful. The debates that took place the second day point out a high level of seriousness preparation knowledge and awareness among the coaches, and their increased desire to advance their skills following an intensive debates practice. She adds that among the most important goals of this project, aside from strengthening their national identity, increasing the level of awareness among youth, encouraging subjective edification and knowledge, mooring the foundations of a civilized rational discussion in different issues that concerns the Arab Palestinian Society inside Israel, particularly, its young generation. The coaches have expressed their benefit from this training in which the coordinators of the project handed them the skills and techniques of debate.


“Jadal Shababe” project funded by the Open Society Institute-OSI and Welfare Association is the only debate project in our society and being implemented for the second year now. The project included the publication of the first debate manual in Arabic and a debate film in Arabic.